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from 14 years old

The Étoile Ballet Theatre Professional Track program offers a journey for dancers to maximize their potential. Spanning ten months, from September to June, the program operates five days a week, providing participants with a comprehensive training regimen totaling 80+ hours per month. Through a diverse range of classes including Ballet Technique, Pointe Work, Pas de Deux, Repertoire, Contemporary/Modern Techniques, Conditioning, and Choreography, dancers are equipped with the skills needed to excel in their craft.

An important aspect of the program is the opportunity for select Professional Track dancers to perform alongside Étoile Ballet Theatre's professional ballet company in their productions. This invaluable experience not only hones performance skills but also exposes participants to the professional world of ballet.

The curriculum is meticulously designed to foster the growth of dancers, allowing them to explore and refine their artistic expression across classical, neoclassical, and contemporary repertoires. Guided by a world-class faculty under the Artistic Direction of Ines Albertini and Walter Angelini, comprising former and current Étoile Ballet Theatre company members, participants receive expert mentorship and instruction. The program serves as a stepping stone for young dancers looking to pursue a career in ballet.

Ages: 14-18

Frequency: 5 days/week (80+ hrs monthly)

For further details and inquiries, please contact us via email at

For dancers above 18 years old, the opportunity to audition for Étoile Ballet Theatre's company is available, click here for more information.


If you wish to be considered, kindly send your resume, dance pictures, and video presentation to - While there are no specific requirements for photos and videos, please ensure that your lines and dance are clearly visible. It is highly recommended to include footage of a full ballet class.

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